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AIM™ Tutoring – Academic Instructional Mentoring

“We don’t think of our AIM instructors as tutors – we call them mentors who believe all students can learn in their own way.” 


Kathy Petersen, Volunteer Executive Director, President & Founder

Some students fall behind – year after year – academically. You can help struggling students with our after-school AIM Tutoring Program. Our tutors see potential in every student when helping teens with schoolwork. They learn each student’s strengths, what each student needs to improve, and how they best learn. You can make this possible with your support.

AIM Tutoring Costs

With the help of professionally trained tutors, our students excel in their studies while learning about their individuality. All students are also provided with healthy afterschool snacks and a Jimmy John sandwich dinner of their choice. Participants will also have access to our Mini-Mitchell Mall Youth Pantry with free food to take home.

  • $45 for Tutoring for 8 Sessions – Paid in advance $360.00
  • $160 for Group Study Skills of 8 Sessions (8 Students) – Paid in advance $160.00
  • $160 for Habitudes Group Mentoring of 8 Sessions (10-14 Students) – Paid in Advance $160.00

FULL-SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDENTS IN NEED by calling Kathy Petersen, 231-622-8044. 

“I’ve worked with a number of tutoring programs even in college, this is by far the best one. They meet all the different layers that a child needs to be successful and that is absolutely cool. The kids get snacks, they get a meal to take home, they have school supplies. They get everything you possibly need, and what they don’t have they will find.”

~Stasha, an AIM Tutor


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“During my time tutoring a student, I see the teenager begin to give themselves permission to make a mistake and learn from it, approach a problem in a new way, and experience the sparks that occur during an ah-ha moment while learning,”


-Joyce Riordan, AIM Tutoring Coordinator

Academic Instructional Mentoring

Your monthly $50 donation provides a weekly scholarship for one student in need whose family can’t afford to pay for our AIM Tutoring services.

Contact Kathy Petersen to answer your questions and register today!