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AIM™ Tutoring – Academic Instructional Mentoring

“We don’t think of our AIM instructors as tutors – we call them 

“mentors who believe all students can learn in their own way.” 


Kathy Petersen, Volunteer Executive Director, President & Founder

Some students fall behind – year after year – academically. You can help struggling students with our New Free After-school AIM Tutoring Program. Our tutors see potential in every student when helping teens with schoolwork. They learn each student’s strengths, what each student needs to improve, and how they best learn. Hence, through the joint efforts of our volunteer mentors and professionally trained tutors, our students excel in their studies while learning about their individuality. You can make this possible with your support.

Recent statistics show that depression and anxiety are the leading cause of academic and social struggles in students. In addition, violence, drug abuse, and suicide have increased in our most vulnerable young people. The students we serve at our Northmen Den Youth Pantries struggle with these problems but frequently struggle with a lack of attachment to their schools, families, and communities. Our AIM Tutoring Program is for all students who are performing below their potential.

“During my time tutoring a student, I see the teenager begin to give themselves permission to make a mistake and learn from it, approach a problem in a new way, and experience the sparks that occur during an ah-ha moment while learning,”


-Joyce Riordan, AIM Tutoring Coordinator

Your monthly $30 donation provides one 45 minutes of tutoring from a professional teacher free of charge. You will help a child learn to be excited about achieving new skills, new opportunities, and new beliefs in themselves. All students will aim for something bigger than they ever thought was possible because of you.

An additional free program to help all our students that teaches a child how to understand and navigate all the negative and positive thoughts they have each day is our free SPARK Mentoring Program.