Our mission at Northmen Den Youth Services is to nourish our neediest students by providing food, tutoring, and mentoring in a manner that respects dignity and individuality, while sustaining dreams. This week, April 25 – 29, 2022 is recognized as Every Kid Healthy Week – a week that highlights the great efforts to improve the health and wellness of students and the link between nutrition, physical activity and learning. We are excited to kick off Every Kid Healthy Week!

At Northmen Dens, we are getting involved by highlighting facts, providing resources, and supplying tips and tricks to educate our parents, students, and community on the importance of healthy food, emotional and social support, and wellness on the future of our students. 

As a way to celebrate Every Kids Healthy Week, we are excited to share our Healthy Recipe Book from our Nutrition Matters Online Fundraising Event for you to download and enjoy

Join us on social media as we continue to share more on how we are working to nourish students with healthy food, mentoring, and tutoring in a manner that respects dignity and individuality while sustaining dreams.