Teachers, Parents, Tutors Agree: Our AIM Tutoring Program Worked

Here’s a look at the data from our first full year of our AIM Tutoring program.

With how fast the days of summer go, we all know the 2022-23 school year is quickly approaching. Here we reflect on the overwhelming growth of our Northmen Den Youth Services during the past 2021-22 school year as we prepare for the year to come.

We have seen enormous growth throughout all of our programs: Youth Pantries, Mentoring and our AIM Tutoring. We have added several schools under our wing, growing from 11 pantries to 13 by the end of July 2022. 

Our AIM Tutoring was a particularly insightful program to reflect on, as this was newly launched with the beginning of the previous school year. We were able to collect data at the beginning of the school year and again in June of 2022 to evaluate the first year of its success. 

During the intake process for our AIM Tutoring, 42% (10/24) of parents interviewed agreed that they did not have the financial means to pay for private tutoring.

At the start of the 2021 school year, we were providing help to 12 middle and high school students in both math and English. Our program quickly grew to 30 students between October 2021 and May 2022. With this growth we also added a girl’s mentoring class and two study skills workshops. We were able to expand our subject matter to include tutoring in biology and chemistry, in addition to math and English. Counselors and teachers referred most of our students, but many referrals came from parents who found AIM’s flier posted on the Petoskey School’s website and two students were referred by their friends attending the program. 

Through surveying teachers, students, volunteers and parents we were able to gain some insight into our AIM Tutoring impact. 

Students Benefits  

Of the 24 students in our program in June 2022, 87.5% had improved their grades from .5 to 3 points. The average improvement was 1.3 grade points. Over 70% reported that they made progress in the subject being tutored, felt better about participating in class and improved completing their homework. What tutors, volunteers, and staff particularly noticed was how the students demeanor and attitude had changed from frustration and sadness to engagement and confidence! The students began talking to each other, there was more laughter, and sharing stories about what happened to them during the school day – the good and the bad.

Teachers Echo Support

Teachers revealed that 89% agreed that tutoring was beneficial to their students. Almost two thirds of the teachers reported that students improved in homework being completed. A total 41% of teachers felt that their students had increased participation in classroom activities and 84% said they saw an increased sense of confidence in their students. 

Tutors Agree

Over 80% agreed that the dosage of tutoring was adequate, scheduling was effective, and we provided a good learning environment at both the Carnegie and AIM’s new offices. All tutors agreed that tutoring was  beneficial to their students. 

When looking to the future, we asked if tutors they plan to tutor for AIM in the fall. Nine of the twelve tutors  strongly agree that they would like to tutor in the fall of 2022 and three tutors answered “maybe”.

“During my time tutoring a student, I see the teenager begin to give themselves permission to make a mistake and learn from it, approach a problem in a new way, and experience the sparks that occur during an ah-ha moment while learning,” ~Joyce Riordan

Parents Express Support 

We are happy to know that 100% of parents agreed that they liked that we offered food to their children. Parents and students were in 100% agreement that tutors worked well with their students and that the tutor took their time while teaching them. 70% of parents felt they were informed enough about the progress of their child and that their child made progress in the subject they were tutored. 

Overall our 2021-2022 was filled with positive feedback from our communities. 

Tutoring’s effectiveness is, in many ways, not surprising, given that tutoring can target the specific needs of each student. Tutoring from a consistent tutor can help develop that close adult-student relationship, which can really improve students’ engagement in school and then their overall well-being. 

We are excited for the start of the 2022-2023 school year to tutor more students in a manner that respects dignity and individuality while sustaining dreams.

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