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14,000 young people aged 12-25 were surveyed and the results were: ONE GOOD ADULT made the difference in their lives. It takes ONE GOOD ADULT x 50 to make a difference to our Northmen Den Youth Services’ students ages 12-18. Join us, you will have a significant impact on a young person’s life.

“Volunteering at the youth pantries has wonderful surprising benefits from making new friends, feeling happier by having a purpose, and combats loneliness and isolation. I wish I could get to know each one of the 60 some middle schoolers who visit the Den each Friday. There are so many who need unconditional love and support. We need donations but also more volunteers!”

-Joy McBride, NDYP Middle School Northmen Den volunteer & Board Member.

Our volunteers are priceless to us and the students we serve! We know from our five-years-experience, that the food is essential but what brings most students back is the unconditional care, love, and concern these kids receive from our volunteers. We are always in need more good adults to help us due to the continued expansion of new pantries and programming. 

“They have everything you need from food to clothing! The people that work there are really sweet and they will help you with anything.”

– 6th Grader

“I shop for myself, brothers/sisters, and parents. The people are nice and always nice to talk to. I will shop at the Den next year.”

– 8th Grader

“I shop for me. More noodle bowls. The volunters are nice”

– 6th Grader

“The den is perfect with amazing people”

– 12th Grader

“Your able to get food if you don’t have any at home the nice people help you.”

– 12th Grader

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Mia Rhudy,
Northmen Den HS Volunteer

“I love volunteering at the Den because I love hearing the stories of students! It is amazing how a kind smile & good food breaks down barriers and helps young people feel comfortable sharing what’s really going on in their lives. It is a delight to be to celebrate their success and ache with them in their pain. I really believe God has designed us to be in community with one another, sharing meals, taking care of needs and loving one another genuinely. The Northmen Den youth pantries volunteers do this every week and I am privilege to serve alongside them!” Mia Rhudy

Connie Booth,
Northmen Den HS Volunteer

“It’s unbelievable we delivered over 5000 Youth Pantries’ on-line orders during COVID this past year. I have missed seeing their smiling faces and learning small ways I could help them navigate their lives. I look forward to seeing them again in person. We will hug and high-five again!”

Cheryl Hooley,
Northmen Den HS Volunteer

“I miss seeing the kids for sure, but wih every bag of groceries that gets picked up, I hope they are reminded that we care, that they MATTER! Volunteering has reminded me of how much work there is to do right here in our own backyard. I have gained a better understanding of childhood needs in Petoskey, and it has caused my heart to grow.” One of my favorite saints is Mother Theresa,

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”