Annual Reports

At Northmen Den Youth Services, we’re fortunate to receive funding, services, and additional support from our amazing network of individual donors and volunteers, as well as other agencies and foundations. We know that our programming would not be possible without this community support, and we do our very best to use these resources to nourish our students by providing food, mentoring, and tutoring in a manner that respects dignity and individuality while sustaining dreams.

If you’d like more detailed information on where this community support comes from and how we use it to affect the lives of our neediest students, please take a look at our annual reports. These reports provide a breakdown of funding, expenses, and outcomes from our programming – demonstrating how we turn your tremendous support for our organization into services for our students.

Northmen Den Youth Services is built on a philosophy of love and service. So, in response to this persistent and urgent need, there are now 13 Emmet County Middle and High School youth pantries and one in Charlevoix. We started with just 8 students in 2016, and grew to serving 360 each week during this 2022-23 school year.

What an exciting year! I thank each of you for your time and commitment to supporting Northmen Dens Youth Services and to helping our community’s children in need throughout 2021.