Thank You For Helping Our Vulnerable Youth Whether They:

  • are dealing with hunger and lack of resources due to poverty
  • have fallen so far behind with their learning they need one on one, face to face help to catch up
  • are trying to understand their feelings of anxiety, sadness in being over-whelmed in navigating their young lives by themselves.

Every donation helps one or more vulnerable students each day.

Just $30 can provide hope for our vulnerable youth!

Northmen Den Youth Services, Inc. is a nonprofit based in Emmet County in northern Michigan with a mission to nourish our neediest students living in rural poverty by providing food, tutoring, and mentoring. Our vision is to respect the dignity and individuality of these children while encouraging them to strive for better and brighter future opportunities.

Our after-school and out of school youth program offers fun indoor and outdoor activities for Middle School and High School students. Monday and Wednesdays the Center will be for Middle School Students and Tuesday and Thursdays are for High School Students.  

We operate 15 food pantries inside area middle and high schools in a way that focuses on meeting the individualized needs of children to most effectively propel each person to a positive future outcome. Students are able to visit our pantry during school hours (the lunch hour); we are now open two days each week, Tuesday and Friday. Allowing students to “shop,” at the pantries provides empowerment and gives a sense of control over their lives.

To Make a Donation -

Mail your
check to:

Northmen Dens Youth Services, PO Box 2085 Petoskey, MI 49770