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SPARK stands for Speaking to the Potential, Ability, and Resilience inside every Kid.

One of the greatest needs of a child is the desire to belong. For some teens, they live each day with the feeling that they are alone in their pain in their own small world.

They may not understand why things are happening in their lives, and many times, children of all ages, feel that they are at fault or that things will never change. They desperately want to know that they are loved and that they belong.

SPARK is a nine-week course held either on Monday or Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 with 25 students. Mentors provide guidance, a listening ear, and encourages each student to walk confidently in who they are created to be and to learn how to listen to their personal SPARK within themselves.


Our SPARK Group Mentoring Program provides fun and fast-paced activities that supply visual representation and reminders of how to manage thinking and delegate emotional responses through critical thinking. Students listen and learn from each other in the same group of 5 with a Mentor each week, and then move to the larger group of 25 to listen and learn even more from each other.


As Kathy Petersen, SPARK Facilitator tells the group in the first session, “Your parents won’t change, your teachers won’t change, your friends won’t change, but YOU will change by finding and trusting your authentic self or SPARK that’s within you in these 9 weeks.”

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I can be anything I want to be for I Am Somebody, & Don’t You Ever Forget it